Kinguin Money Making Guide

Welcome to the most advanced Kinguin Affiliate program money making guide. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about and how to make money with it. is an Online Games Store that sells thousand of different Games, DLC’s and more for an extreme cheap price. is also by far the best paying Online Games Store with an affiliate program. You will earn 5% of every sale they make from users coming to their site using your affiliate links. In this posts I will explain to you step by step how to make money with the Games Store. I will provide you multiple extremely effective methods on how to get the most people to see and click on your Kinguin affiliate links and how to earn the most. If you follow all my tips and listen carefully to what I tell you in this guide, you will be able to get your first earnings within hours or if you are very fast even minutes after finish reading this post.


Everything you need to get started

First of all before we can start to earn money with the Kinguin Affiliate program you need a working email address. You also need one of the following to be able to receive your payments: paypal, skrill or online bank transfer. But most important you need to have passion to keep working on your methods. At the beginning everything is kinda hard and seems not to be worth the time but this will change very soon. So always keep working because after the trouble you have at the beginning it starts to pay off very quickly. The best thing about Kinguin is that after some time you will continually earn money even while not doing anything. Thats because of the referrals you have and their Affiliate commissions. This means by working on your Affiliate methods you build up an passive earning that still pays you without working for it.


Sign up for the Kinguin Affiliate Program

Before you can sign up for the Kinguin Affiliate Program also called Kinguin Mafia, you have to create a new account. You can create your new Kinguin account for free here Create New Customer Account ( After creating your new account you have to confirm your registration with the link you got in an email. Now everything is done and you can sign up for the Affiliate program here Affiliate Home ( Now go ahead and learn below how you can start making money with the Kinguin Affiliate program.


Customize your personal affiliate URL

Before you go and start with any method from this guide, I highly recommend you to customize your affiliate url. Choosing a good custom URL is important because it’s easier to remember and doesn’t look as weird as the random generated ones. You can create and customize your personal Affiliate URL on the Mafia Overview page. You can find this page by clicking on the Affiliate link in your dashboard. Your dashboard can be reached from any site with the Menu Icon in the right corner of navigation bar. Now open the Refer Friends tab and check the little box to enter your custom link, then press save. With your new personal affiliate URL you can now start with any of the methods from this guide.


Create custom product affiliate links

Beside the personal affiliate URL that redirects people to the frontpage of you can also create a custom product link. With a product affiliate URL you send people directly to the article while still receiving affiliate commissions. You can create a custom product link on the same page you created your personal affiliate URL but on the Banners & Links tab. Enter the product link you like to promote and click the Get link button. Now you have a custom product affiliate link which can be used for any method from this guide.

Kinguin Money Making Methods

Here are all the methods I know how you can earn money with Kinguin. This list will grow from time to time so consider coming back after some time or bookmark this post. Before you start make sure to read through all the methods to find one that suits you the best. For people that want to step up their game there are also some methods that need an investment but they will get you higher earnings.


Invite your friends

This one is by far the easiest of all the methods from this guide. Just tell your friends and family about Kinguin and all the cheap games they can buy and send them your affiliate link. If you want to make some extra money tell them about the Affiliate program and how they can earn some money too. Everytime a new person joins Kinguin Mafia from your affiliate link you get 0.75% from every transaction that is done from his affiliate links. But you also get another 0.25% from every affiliate transaction form people that join under his affiliate link. This gives you plus 1% earnings beside the 5% affiliate earnings you already get from your own links.


Invite YouTuber and Streamer

This is by far the best paying method you will find. If you convince any YouTubers or Streamers (big or small ones) to join the Kinguin Affiliate program with your link, you will earn more than you ever expected. Most youtubers have an audience that trust and love them and that would buy from their affiliate links. Show some youtubers and streamers how to earn with Kinguin and send them your link. If they register using your link and promote their affiliate links to their audience you will earn a lot more than you could earn yourself. But be sure to also target small youtubers or streamers because they are easier to convince and the more you invite the more you will earn.

Extra tips:
Try to find youtubers/streamers that play games with in-game purchases that are available on Kinguin. For example try to convince Fifa or CS:GO players to sign up for the Kinguin affiliate program. They can promote in-game purchases that are available on Kinguin to their audience because they are most likely also playing the same games. Also try to find console gamers because for example the xbox live membership can also be bought on


Gaming Community, Social Media Groups or Pages

Try to find as many gaming community forums, social media pages or groups. Most gaming community forums allow you to create your own signatur, that can be seen under your posts and comments. If you promote your Kinguin Affiliate link in your forum signature you can reach thousands of people in no time. Just search for popular posts and leave a comment, join a conversation or create your own posts. Try to create as many comments and own posts as you can but DON’T SPAM. Write comments that are relevant to the topic and don’t just try to posts as much as possible. If they figure out you only posts something to promote your affiliate links you will get banned very soon.

Those are all the tips and methods for now, if this posts performs well I will come back after some time and add more methods to it. I also added a proof of my earnings down below, keep in mind those are just pasive earnings without doing anything for months.

Kinguin Affiliate payment proof